Experienced Austin bus accident attorney Daniel Smith understands that being involved in a bus accident can be devastating. You might be seriously injured, have a lot of medical bills, and be missing time from work. All of these things make enjoying your normal daily life difficult. It’s hard to deal with being laid up after an accident that was caused by someone else’s carelessness. At our law firm, we will make sure that you are getting the most compensation for the damages you have had to incur. We would be glad to meet with you to go over your case and plan out your next steps during a free consultation.

Important First Steps

First and foremost, you have to tend to your injuries after the accident. You may be too injured to stay on the scene after the accident takes place so it may be best for you to get on an ambulance and be taken to the emergency room. If you are able to wait a few moments to see a doctor, you can stay on the scene to collect evidence but you should never stay if you are in a life-threatening condition. Do not forget that there can be someone else to step in for you to collect evidence and you shouldn’t force yourself to stay if you physically are in too much pain. You can have a friend or family member come on the scene or even call an attorney to go collect evidence for you.

The evidence that needs to be collected either by you or someone else can be through photos and videos. You should get take record of the whole scene of the accident including any tire marks, impacts on the vehicles, and debris of the accident. Everything you can take a photo or video of is important. You also want to talk to any witnesses that are there and get their contact information. What is also important is to collect insurance information from the liable party. This might be unique for a bus accident because there can be a few different liable parties and you may not even have been in your own vehicle during the accident. If you were hit by a bus, that’s one thing, but if you were a passenger on the bus during a crash, that has it’s own set of needs. You have to make sure that you tell an officer, the bus company, or the bus driver that you were on the bus when the accident happened. Do not leave the scene until you are documented as a passenger.

How to Get Compensation

Texas follows the rules of modified comparative negligence and because of that, the award you get can be reduced or even eliminated if you had a role in causing the accident. If you are deemed to be at fault for 50% or more, you will be barred from receiving compensation altogether which is something we will work hard to avoid. If you are deemed less at fault than that, your compensation will be reduced to account for your fault. If you have been awarded $100,000 for your damages, and you are also deemed 20% at fault, then your award will be reduced to $80,000 to account for this fault. You want to make sure you have an attorney who won’t let the insurance company lessen your award by pinning it on you. Contact experienced Austin bus accident attorney Daniel Smith today to fight for you.

Texas Statute of Limitations

In Texas, for most personal injury cases, you have two years in which you need to file for a bus accident claim or to settle your case. While you might look at that number and think of it as a long time to get the ball rolling, it’s not quite a long time in the legal world. There is a lot to get done on our end and we can’t help you if you come to us the day before your limitation runs out. We also would like to get an idea of your condition so we know what we would like to ask the insurance company for. We need time to get these ideas settled and it can seem like two years is a long time, but that does not mean you should wait to seek out an attorney.

When the Insurance Company Calls

The liable party’s insurance company will reach out to you and try to get a recorded statement from you. They will come off as helpful, but they are not looking out for your best interest. Their goal is to get you to say something that would make it seem like the accident was your fault. They want to be able to reduce the amount of compensation they owe you or throw out your case altogether. If you give them a recorded statement, you can’t undo what you say to them. You should tell them that any communication can go through your attorney.

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Austin bus accident attorney Daniel Smith is here for you when you’re injured in a bus accident in Texas. We won’t allow the insurance company to hassle you into a low settlement offer. We will fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. It is a tricky situation to be in and experienced Austin bus accident attorney Daniel Smith will make sure you are on track to get the result you want from your case. Please call us today for a free consultation.