If you have been injured due to faulty construction equipment, please contact experienced Austin defective construction products lawyer Daniel Smith right away. When you are working on a construction site, there is a general sense of trust when it comes to the tools that you use. You may think that your products are going to work properly, and that you will not be harmed from them. Sometimes this is true, other times it certainly is not. Every so often, a construction worker is going to have a defective product that injures you. This could be anything from a small tool to a huge crane. You might even have simple tools like step ladders cause injury because it was defective.

Construction accidents are more common than you would think. They can be extremely harmful and sometimes even fatal with an average of thirteen construction-related fatalities per year and almost four million injured construction workers per year. It is not uncommon for a worker to be so badly injured that they never get better and cannot return to work. These are preventable injuries and we know how frustrating it can be for you.

If you have been hurt on a construction site, our experienced Austin defective construction products lawyer is here to help guide you through your legal situation after you’ve been injured. We will do everything we can to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Typical Defective Products on a Construction Site

OSHA states that the most commonly defective product found on a construction site is a ladder. It might seem surprising as most people may not even consider a ladder to be a tool, but it indeed is. It is not unheard of for these ladder manufacturing companies to recall the product. This has happened many times. When there is a defective ladder, people can fall from heights, get caught in the rungs of the ladder, and this can result in serious injury or death.

Other common defective products that typically cause serious injury or death are power tools. This is the more expected of the defective products. Even without a defect, these products can be dangerous, but when there is an issue with manufacturing or design, these can be deadly. You can experience serious burns, loss of appendages, and electric shocks.

Truly, anything you find on a construction accident has the potential to be defective and dangerous. There is tragedy when construction products are defective. Experienced Austin defective construction products lawyer Daniel Smith will help you fight against the liable party responsible for your injuries.

What Will Happen After a Construction Injury

Your life is most likely tipped on its head after your construction accident. Everything may have changed after you have been hurt. There are several things that will happen to you and to your life after you are seriously injured. You will need to seek emergency medical attention and get your injuries treated right away. It is possible that you will need future medical care, potentially for the rest of your life, including physical therapy and rehab. It is very common for you to have missed time at work and you will be losing wages. You may not even be able to go back to the same job you had before if you are unable to fully recover from your injuries. It is possible that you will need a new type of job which can be terribly frustrated. We will take into consider that your pain and suffering could continue even after you have received treatment. All of these factors go into the amount of compensation you can potentially receive.

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