If you’re reading this page, you most likely are in need of a knowledgeable Austin insurance bad faith attorney to protect your rights. Businesses these days tends to foster a highly competitive environment and for that reason, it is rare to see someone behaving purposefully in insurance bad faith. Unfortunately, though, it happens sometimes because insurance companies are a business like any other that needs to make a profit and it can sometimes lead them to behave in bad faith. When that happens, experienced Austin insurance bad faith attorney Daniel Smith is here to help you make them stay accountable and we will do everything in our power to win you the compensation that you deserve if you have been wronged by an insurance company.

Explaining What Insurance Bad Faith Is

If your insurance company makes a mistake or does something wrong on accident, you do not necessarily have a bad faith claim. If you’re going to successfully bring an insurance bad faith claim, you need to prove that the insurance company has been making these mistakes regularly and that these mistakes are making them a profit over help you as a client. There are many ways in which you might show that this is happening to you. You may not be the only victim of this behavior and your bringing a claim will help others who may have been experiencing similar things.

You may very well have an insurance bad faith claim if you experience any of the following things that would indicate a need to file:

If your insurance company knows that you have an issue that they need to address and they do not take care of it in a timely manner, you may be able to file a claim for delayed acknowledgement. Your insurance company should be acting quickly and if they don’t, it can cause you problems.

If your insurance company is going to have to look into a claim for you to rule out illegal activity or other fraudulent behavior, but they are not being fair about it, you can file a claim for performing biased investigations. They must only look at the evidence and facts and go into the investigation without the mindset that they need to save themselves money or it becomes an issue.

When you create a policy with an insurance company, they are expected to have terms, conditions, and exclusions to specify what they will and will not cover for you. Often, the jargon is difficult to understand, but they need to show exactly what the company is charging you for. If things are vague, you will be able to file for a questionable interpretation of a policy.

When an insurance company is supposed to pay out, they are not permitted to wait for any reason to do so. You would be able to file for an unreasonable delay in payment if this is a situation you are struggling through. There are a few other specific reasons you may bring an insurance bad faith claim and you can go over all details with an attorney.

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