Too often when someone makes a mistake, it ends up resulting in consequences they never imagined. When it comes to getting hurt, it’s not different. A driver might think that a quick text won’t do much damage. These mistakes can cost innocent people their safety, health, and well-being. That distracted driver now has to face the fact that they’ve not only caused someone injury, but also damaged their vehicle. These types of serious consequences happen all the time because people make foolish mistakes without considering the impact that they might have.

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Experienced Austin truck accident attorney Daniel Smith knows that the victims of these accidents need protection and we offer our services to you when you are faced with life-altering injury that could have been avoided. Our job is to represent you in your pursuit to get fair and just compensation. We want to be your champion. You deserve to get every penny you are entitled to. No one deserves to have their life turned on its head because of another person’s foolish errors.

Types of Texas Truck Accident Injury

We understand that there are many different scenarios that could cause another person harm. People lose concentration, speed, are reckless, and generally can have a total lack of safety. There are several different types of truck accident injuries that we will represent you for. When our clients are in truck accidents, mostly commonly, we see these injuries:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Nerve damage
  • Tendon damage
  • Muscle tissue damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head or neck injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Scarring or disfigurement

Each truck accident carries its own set of potential injuries. They range from minor to highly severe. You could be suffering from something with an easy fix or you could be afflicted with an injury that might never heal. It is an unthinkable horror that is a reality to some people. When tragedy strikes, what we can help you with is getting compensation for your injuries.

Basic Compensation Laws in Texas

For all truck accidents that caused enough damage to where your no fault doesn’t cover all of it, you can pursue a personal injury claim. For a claim, you will be going after monetary compensation. Texas follows modified comparative negligence standards which allows you to receive compensation even if you are found to be at fault for your accident. The first issue is that you cannot collect a reward if you are found to be more than 50 percent at fault. The other issue is that, when you are found at fault up to 50 percent, you will get docked for however much you are at fault. For instance, if you’re found to be at fault for 20 percent and you’ve been awarded $100,000 for your injuries, you will be docked 20 percent leaving you with $80,000 to collect that accounts for the fault you shared in your accident.

It is very important that you get the right Austin truck accident attorney to support you through this journey so that you don’t lose out on compensation that you should be getting. You will have insurance adjusters on your case trying to get statements from you that will make you seem at fault even if you were not. Your attorney will take on that communication and protect your right to full and fair compensation.

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If you are looking for a skilled, caring, and experienced Austin truck accident attorney, please call our office today to set up a free consultation. We will treat you as a priority from the first phone call. It is important to us that we get you the compensation you deserve. We will fight tirelessly against the tactics used by the insurance companies who are only interesting in protecting their bottom line. We will be your champion against that injustice and do everything we can to ensure you are fully compensated for injuries we are sure have cause you and your family a lot of unneeded and unwanted grief. Please contact skilled Austin truck accident attorney Daniel Smith today to find out more.