Bicycle Accident Recorded Statement

In this video, our experienced injury attorney discusses why you should never give a bicycle accident recorded statement to an insurance company.

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Should I speak with an insurance company after a bike accident?


Recently, I was contacted by someone who had been a victim of a bicycle accident, and they asked me, “What are some of the common mistakes that people make when dealing with insurance companies?” Bicycle Accident Recorded Statement There are two mistakes that we see time and time again. The first mistake is people give a recorded statement to insurance companies. They think that by giving a recorded statement, they’re cooperating with the insurance company and the insurance company will treat them fairly and compensate them well, but that’s wrong. What they’re doing is they’re trying to find a way to trap you, in any way, to try to find an excuse not to compensate you fairly for your claims. They’re trained specifically to offer as little money as possible. The second mistake that we see is people taking the first offer, and at that point it’s too late for us to help. The first offer is almost always negotiable and almost always a lowball. Rarely do insurance companies come out offering a fair number.

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