Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

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How do I choose the best attorney for my bike accident claim?


Choosing a Bicycle Accident AttorneyI had a client who was biking home from work when she was hit by a car that was pulling out of a parking lot. She asked me, “How do I choose the right bicycle accident attorney?” Some advice would be to establish a level of comfort with the attorney in the first meeting. Next, you need to find an attorney who devotes a large part of their practice to personal injury law and has experience in bicycle accidents specifically. Bicycle accidents are different than other personal injury cases. If someone has that experience, they will understand what is unique about your case.

Next, you need to hire a trial attorney. Insurance companies, on the other side, know who the trial attorneys are and they treat trial attorneys differently. Also, trial attorneys work up a case from the beginning as if it is going to trial, and that gives you the best chance of not going to trial. If, in the rare instance the insurance company won’t ever make a fair offer, then you are ready to go to trial and get the best result possible.

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