Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney

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How do I choose the best attorney for my truck accident claim?


Choosing a Truck Accident AttorneyThe other day I had someone call into our office who had just been in a wreck with a tractor trailer, and they asked me, “How do I choose the right attorney for me in this trucking wreck?” The first thing is you have to establish a level of comfort with your attorney. Attorney-client relationships are based on comfort and trust, and we should be able to establish that in that first phone call or meeting. Next, you need to hire someone who has experience in trucking wrecks. Trucking wrecks are different than other wrecks. You don’t want to hire someone that just dabbles in personal injury law or dabbles in trucking wrecks. You need someone who has experience and understands how to work those cases so you can get the best result.

Next, you need to hire someone who is a trial attorney because those attorneys will work a case from the beginning as if we’re going to trial, and that gets you the best result. Beyond that, insurance companies on the other side know who the trial attorneys are, so they’re more likely to give a fair settlement offer. Worst case, if we can’t get a fair settlement offer, we’re ready to go to trial and get you the best result that we can.

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