Dog Bite Recorded Statement

In this video, our experienced attorney discusses why you should never give a dog bite recorded statement to an insurance company.

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Should I speak to an insurance company after a dog bite injury?


Recently someone contacted me after they’d been a victim of a dog bite, and they asked me, “What are the two most common mistakes that happen with insurance companies after a dog bite case?” There are two mistakes that pop up time and time again. Dog Bite Recorded Statement The first mistake is that they give a recorded statement. They think that by cooperating with the insurance company, the insurance company will cooperate with them and offer them a fair deal. That isn’t the case. The insurance company isn’t going to offer to share the other recorded statements they take. They’re not going to share the other information that they gather. What the insurance company and their adjuster are doing is trying to find any way to limit the amount they pay to you or any other victim of a dog bite. The insurance company is in the business of paying as little as possible. It’s not in the business of fairly compensating people for injuries they’ve suffered. If insurance companies offered fair numbers without attorneys involved, I would be out of business.

The second big mistake I see people make is they take the first offer, and that’s very much related to the previous mistake. Insurance companies are going to lowball you because they’re not in the business of offering you a fair amount for your claim. They’re going to start by lowballing you and see if you’ll take a very unjust amount and walk away from your claim quickly.

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