First Steps After a Car Accident

First Steps After a Car Accident

First Steps After a Car Accident

First Steps After a Car AccidentThe first steps after a car accident are crucial, not only for your health and well-being, but also for your personal injury claim should you choose to file one. We recommend you receive medical treatment right away and then contact an experienced attorney right away. If you have any questions regarding a car accident injury claim, call our office today to arrange a free consultation.

First Steps After a Car Accident | Medical Treatment

Medical attention is the most important thing that needs to happen after the accident. You might have the ability to stay on the scene to collect evidence, which we will talk about later, but if you’re in serious pain or are in danger, you need to have someone else do that for you. Whether it is right away for a few hours later, you need to see a doctor, get to the emergency room, or go to an urgent care center.

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First Steps After a Car Accident | Collecting Evidence

Collecting evidence is so important to your case. If you’re unable to stay on the scene, a friend, family member, or your attorney can do this for you. You want to get pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident as well as the tire marks and your injuries. You should also gather contact information from both the witnesses to the accident as well as any other driver involved.

First Steps After a Car Accident | Contact an Attorney

The next big step to take after the accident is getting in contact with an experienced Texas car accident attorney. You may think that you can take on this case alone, but it will almost always end with you having less of a reward than if you had an attorney on your side.

Experienced Austin car accident attorney Daniel Smith is here to help you fight for what is right. We will protect your rights, keep your case on track to succeed, and work to get you the fullest and fairest amount of compensation possible. Please call our office as soon as you can to set up a free initial consultation.