Medical Malpractice Settlement Timeline

Wondering how long your injury case will take to settle? Watch this video about the medical malpractice settlement timeline in Texas to find out.

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How long will my medical malpractice case take?


Medical Malpractice Settlement TimelineWhen asking, “How long will my case take to resolve?” understand that, early on, there is no crystal clear answer. The first thing we have to know is the extent of your injuries, and we don’t know the extent of your injuries until you’re done with your medical treatment. If we submit a demand prematurely, we run the risk of missing something. If that’s the case, you’re not going to be fairly compensated. After you are done with your medical treatment, we submit that demand. The insurance company has a few weeks to respond. If they respond with a number and it’s something we can work with, we negotiate with them. If it’s not a number we can work with, then we file a lawsuit.

After we file a lawsuit, we have to serve the defendants. Normally, serving the defendants isn’t an issue. After defendants have been served, they have 30 days to respond. Once they respond, they almost always hire an attorney, and we immediately contact that attorney and try to get a trial date, and then there’s an end in sight.

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