Mistakes to Avoid After a Pedestrian Accident

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What mistakes should I avoid after a pedestrian accident?


Mistakes to Avoid After a Pedestrian AccidentThe first mistake that people make after a pedestrian accident is they delay in seeking medical treatment. Closely related to that is they don’t follow the doctor’s orders. It’s very important to seek medical treatment and follow the doctor’s orders so you can recover to the best of your ability. If you delay or you don’t follow the doctor’s orders, you’re not going to recover as much as you would have otherwise.

The next mistake people make is they give a recorded statement to the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are there not to give you fair and just compensation for your claims, but to limit the exposure and pay as little as possible. Related to that, a common mistake people make is they delay in hiring an attorney. When you hire an attorney, that attorney can investigate the pedestrian accident right away and can help prepare you for a recorded statement.

Related to that, a common mistake people make is they don’t hire the right attorney. People need to hire an attorney who specializes in personal injury law and has experience in pedestrian accidents specifically. Pedestrian accidents are different than other accidents. Every case is unique. Also, the attorney needs to be a trial attorney. That way, your case is being worked on as if it’s going to trial the whole time. If that happens, you’re more likely to get a fair settlement offer from the insurance company without going to trial. If you do have to go to trial, then you’re represented by someone who’s used to going to trial.

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