Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

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What mistakes should I avoid after a truck accident?


Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck AccidentRecently, I was contacted by someone who had been seriously injured by a truck, and they asked, “What are some of the common mistakes that people make?” The first mistake people make is they don’t seek medical treatment right away. Closely related to that is they don’t follow the doctor’s orders after seeking medical treatment. Lawyers understand that you have lots of other responsibilities in your life, but insurance adjusters do not understand that. If you don’t seek treatment, or don’t follow up with your treatment, they’re going to say that you weren’t actually hurt.

Another common mistake people make is they give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster is there to limit the exposure of the insurance company. The insurance company is not there to fairly compensate people for their claims.

Another mistake people make is they delay in hiring an attorney. It’s very important to hire an attorney as soon as possible so that your attorney can investigate your claim. There might be a recording that gets lost or deleted, and an attorney can help try to prevent that from happening.

Lastly, it’s important to hire the right attorney. The right attorney is someone who devotes a large part of their practice to personal injury claims and trucking accidents specifically. Trucking accidents are different than other cases. You want your attorney to be a trial lawyer. When you hire a trial attorney, that means the insurance company is going to know who they are, and the insurance company will more fairly compensate you when you have a trial attorney representing you because they don’t want to go to trial. If you’re unable to settle that case, a good thing is that you’re represented by someone who is ready to go to trial.

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