Pre-Existing Conditions Affecting an Injury Claim

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Will pre-existing conditions affect my personal injury claim?


Recently I was asked by a client if their preexisting condition was going to negatively impact their personal injury case. The answer to that is complicated. Everything is done on a case-by-case basis. However, legally, the other party is responsible for any change in your condition.Pre-Existing Conditions Affecting an Injury ClaimFor example, if your condition had stabilized and then you were in a car accident afterwards and was no longer stable, then they are responsible for that change.If your pain in your back from a previous back injury was generally between a four and a six, and then you were in a car wreck and now it’s between a six and an eight, they’re responsible for that change. They’re not responsible for all your pain, but they are responsible for the change in your pain and you should be fairly compensated for it.

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