What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident

What Should You Do After a Motorcycle AccidentWe often have clients call our office to ask, “What should you do after a motorcycle accident?” The moments after a crash are critical. In order to protect your legal rights, there are a few essential steps that you must take. If everything is handled correctly, you will be able to receive full compensation for the damages you have suffered from the negligent party.

1) Seek Medical Attention

There are two very important things that need to happen moments after the scene. The most important of the two considerations is seeking medical attention. The injuries you experience may be severe and life-threatening, and you do not want to hang around waiting at the scene if you are in danger.

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2) Collect Evidence

While the other important consideration is collecting evidence, you should not prioritize that over your own health. If you are able to stay on the scene and take photos, talk to witnesses, and get insurance information from the other driver, you should do so, but not if you’re terribly injured. In that case, you should have a friend, family member, or attorney come onto the scene and do the evidence collection for you. We cannot stress how important it is to get to the doctor.

3) Contact an Attorney Right Away

It is also very important to get to an Austin motorcycle accident attorney right away. An experienced lawyer will be your guide throughout the whole process. As mentioned, they can collect evidence. They can start working on your case before you’ve even seen a doctor. They can also make sure that the evidence is used properly and effectively. You do not want to delay in hiring an attorney so that you have the best chance possible at the highest amount of compensation.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck in Texas, please contact our Austin motorcycle accident attorneys today.