Wrongful Death Settlement Timeline

Wondering how long your injury case will take to settle? Watch this video about the wrongful death settlement timeline in Texas to find out.

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How long will my wrongful death case take?


Wrongful Death Settlement Timeline Recently, I was contacted by a client who had lost a loved one, and she asked me about how long her wrongful death case would take in Texas. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer in the beginning. How the process works is, first, we submit a demand to the responsible third-parties asking for fair and just compensation. If they respond and it’s a number that we can work with, we’ll negotiate with them. If it isn’t, then we file a lawsuit. After we file a lawsuit, we have to serve the defendants. After the defendants are served, they have 30 days to respond. Once they respond to the lawsuit, they will have attorneys representing them, and we immediately contact those attorneys to get a trial date, and then there’s an end in sight.

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